Reopening business premises after COVID-19

Reopening business premises after COVID-19 

It is possible that your existing risk assessment may not cover the risks presented by Covid-19.

Business owners and employers may wish to develop a specific ’Reoccupation Risk Assessment’ that forms part of their reopening planning.

Owners of businesses and employers have a legal responsibility to protect workers and others from risk to their health and safety. This now includes thinking about the risks from COVID-19 and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise them.

It is acknowledged that as business prepare for reopening we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19.

By taking reasonable and practicable steps identified by a COVID-19 Risk Assessment business owners and employers can demonstrate due diligence and compliance with their legal responsibilities.

A Covid-19 Risk Assessment carried out by Fire Risk Design Co covers the following topics.

  1. planning for reoccupation.
  2. travelling to and from the workplace (including arrival and departure)
  3. design of workplace and layout (for Covid-19)
  4. workplace equipment (restart and maintenance)
  5. security and deliveries (including visitors)
  6. fire detection and alarm systems (evacuation arrangements)
  7. support measures for employees

If you think your business may benefit from having a COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT please contact us.

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