The hotel was left a burnt out shell

Almost four years after a hotel was burned to the ground the parent company has been fined for breaching fire precautions. The company has been ordered to pay £80,000 for breaches of fire safety legislation and was ordered to pay costs of £62,000.

An investigation revealed a number of breaches of the fire precautions, the most serious of which related to the ‘fire risk assessment’.

Responsibility for Fire Safety Training

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that employees are provided with adequate fire safety training.

It is a fact that many employers fail to ensure that their employees are provided with adequate fire safety training in manner that is appropriate to the risk identified by a life safety fire risk assessment.

Life safety fire risk assessments are required by law.

Working collaboratively with clients

Fire Risk Design works collaboratively with clients at all levels to deliver best value and performance in fire safety training.

Our trainers hold Bachelor of Science (BSc) qualifications in Fire Risk Engineering and are NEBOSH health and safety qualified.

We offer high integrity training enabling employers to fulfil their fire safety compliance requirements.

Fire safety training provided by Fire Risk Design ensures that employees receive sufficient instruction, information and training on the appropriate precautions and actions that should be taken by them in the event of fire.

Professional training and assessment of risk

The quality of our fire safety training and life safety risk assessments lies in the breadth of experience gained through 30 years of technical and practical experience within the fire industry.